Chalky to creamy texture transformation

How rapid reformulation transformed a dry cheesecake into an indulgent, clean label dessert and overcame NPD challenges

The challenge

In-house development by a dessert manufacturer of a clean label cheesecake due for imminent launch hadn’t produced the required rich, creamy texture.

A dessert manufacturer was ready to launch a new cheesecake it had developed in-house. However, the required rich and creamy texture of the cheesecake had turned out to be dry with a chalky mouthfeel. Ingredion was set the challenge of reformulating the recipe to create the required indulgent texture and eating experience, all within a clean label. Finding a solution quickly was the priority if this new line was to get to market successfully, and the initial NPD investment provide a return.

The solution

Fast, effective prototyping combined with ingredient replacement delivered a rich-textured dessert that also optimised the cream content.

Knowledge of ingredient performance and pioneering texture expertise meant Ingredion was able to reformulate the existing recipe successfully within demanding timescales.

Confident right first time prototyping and familiarity with production-line environments played a key role in meeting tight deadlines and developing a formulation that could be produced within the original recipe’s manufactured scope.

The recipe was reformulated cost-effectively using NOVATION® Indulge 3920 starch as a masking agent, creating the desired indulgent texture and enabling a clean label formulation in challenging production conditions. This solution meant the food manufacturer did not have to increase the cream content to deliver the luxurious mouthfeel - which would have meant higher recipe costs - but instead benefited from the enhanced functionality of Ingredion’s clean label starches that offer superior stability and a high process tolerance.

Delivering ROI

  •  2% margin increase
  •  Creamy texture with no additional protein
  •  Right-first-time prototyping
  •  Speed to market ensured
  •  100% return on NPD

Overcoming NPD challenges, Ingredion was able to transform the dessert’s texture. At the same time, the final recipe delivered a 2% margin increase over the original in-house formulation and required no extra protein content to create the richer, improved texture. Deadlines were tight in order to get the project back on track, so being able to apply existing clean label texture expertise and ingredient knowledge was key in speeding up reformulation and ensuring the new, creamy dessert moved from initial prototype to being on sale in a matter of weeks.

Slice of yellow cheesecake with a strawberry topping

Go clean label now

Imagine using a clean label starch or flour to improve texture without adding fat, or reducing protein without compromising quality – all without adding an E-number and even in challenging processing conditions. From yoghurt and cheese to custard and desserts, clean label benefits both your products and your business’ bottom line.

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