Cost-effective clean label solution

How a functional native clean label starch was used to maintain cooked meat product quality and improve margins without increasing price

The challenge

Suppliers are under pressure to provide supermarkets with consumer-friendly, clean label products without passing on any rise in price.

A major supplier of cooked meats to a growing budget supermarket chain needed to find a cost-effective solution to ensure its chicken breast product met the retailer’s increasingly stringent clean label requirements. Maintaining product quality and the preferred soft texture of the meat was also an objective so that customers wouldn’t notice any difference in the product. At the same time, price was a key consideration – it wouldn’t be possible to increase prices for either the retailer or consumers. The challenge was to come up with a cost-optimised clean label formulation that didn’t compromise product quality.

The solution

A winning solution that delivered like-for-like savings while maintaining product quality, appearance and the existing label.

Ingredion was able to provide the food manufacturer with its PURITY® Alpha 805 clean label starch as the most effective and competitive solution available. Alongside this, Ingredion’s reformulation expertise and familiarity with the production environment, meant that texture was maintained with no difference detectable in the new recipe. Further savings were generated for the manufacturer as reformulation was achieved within the existing recipe’s parameters. PURITY® Alpha 805 is simply labelled as starch, which meant no changes were needed to the product’s physical labelling.

Delivering ROI

  • 20% saving on recipe costs
  • Cost-effective clean label
  • Improved product margin
  • Soft texture formulated 
  • No label change

Meeting the growing clean label demands of today’s supermarket retailers and staying within cost constraints can be challenging. Ingredion was able to supply a solution that lowered the overall recipe cost while maintaining the soft texture of the meat while meeting everyone’s objectives – consumer, retailer, food manufacturer. Most importantly, this generated a cost saving of 20% and increased margins.

Glazed chicken breast with grill marks and vegetables

Go clean label now

Imagine making stable products with a consumer preferred starch or flour label, without compromising on quality or improving yields, reducing water separation and having excellent freeze-thaw stability in sauces, dressings, prepared meals and meats.

Clean label benefits both your products and your business’ bottom line.

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