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Going clean label in challenging dairy conditions

Balancing viscosity, mouthfeel and cost for a yoghurt brand as part of a food manufacturer’s global clean label initiative

The challenge

Developing a clean label formulation for a well-known yoghurt brand that needed to maintain existing texture and taste so there would be no difference for the consumer.

As part of a global initiative to reformulate its dairy products to clean label and ensure ingredients were consumer-friendly, this dairy company wanted to reformulate a popular yoghurt line. A number of considerations needed to be taken into account, in particular that this would be a quiet clean label transformation. There would be no highlighting the reformulation or that this yoghurt brand was now a cleaner version. The challenge was to recreate the same texture and taste and also to develop a recipe that could be produced on existing manufacturing lines.

The solution

NOVATION® 3300 starch delivered the optimum combination of ‘spoonable’ viscosity, creaminess and cost from a range of prototypes.

Offering the widest range of functional native starches, Ingredion was able to develop a number of clean label prototypes that incorporated co-texturising starches with varying functionalities and in varying quantities.

Created in its technical Idea Lab in Hamburg, Germany and tested in two of the manufacturer’s production plants, these prototypes were able to withstand the high temperatures of yoghurt processing and deliver great texture, appearance and taste. Each prototype was investigated under the microscope to optimise the ratio of clean label starch and deliver the most cost-effective solution. NOVATION® 3300 starch was the preferred option, providing the best balance of creaminess, viscosity and cost.

Delivering ROI

  • Choice of prototypes
  • Optimum balance of texture, appearance and cost
  • Production-line efficiencies
  • Recommendations on temperature adjustments
  • Brand protection – no change for the consumer

Clean label expertise and technical know-how ensured this global dairy manufacturer could successfully extend its clean label initiative into challenging product lines with no discernible difference to the consumer. A choice of prototypes alongside testing in the manufacturing plants kept development costs low and meant that the preferred formulation could transfer to the production environment seamlessly and with no impact on product stability or texture.

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Go clean label now

Imagine being able to use a consumer-friendly clean label starch in higher temperature and shear food processing and still have great stability, great texture and save costs. Offering low hot viscosity, unique mouthfeel and slight set, Ingredion’s functional native starches are particularly suited to the challenges of producing dairy foods. Find out how clean label benefits both your products and your business’ bottom line.

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