11% protein analogue cheese

Protein replacement

11% protein analogue cheese

Ingredion Ingredients Used: LYCKEBY CHEESEAPP 50 - 5090403 LYCKEBY CHEESEAPP 70 - 6460401

Grated cheese in brown bowl. Grated cheese.



Ingredient Amount % as is
Water 45.73
Coconut fat 22.00
Rennet casein 80 mesh 12.00
CheeseApp 70 12.00
Skimmed milk powder 3.00
CheeseApp 50 2.70
Emulsifying salt 1.20
Salt 1.00
Potassium sorbate 0.15
Citric acid monohydrate 0.22


  1. Pre-melt the fat.
  2. Pour the water into a double jacket mixer bowl. Add the rennet casein, skimmed milk powder, emulsifying salt and salt. Mix at 900 rpm in the mixer for three minutes.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients except the fat and mix at 900 rpm for three minutes.
  4. Check mixture for lumps and mix at 900 rpm for 30 seconds to remove any.
  5. Add melted fat and mix at 300 rpm for one minute.
  6. Check pH is around 5.8.
  7. Heat up to 85°C and hold for seven minutes at 300 rpm (heating and holding time are at least 11 minutes in total).
  8. Fill hot product into containers and blast chill to a temperature above 0°C. 
  9. Store refrigerated at 4°C.

Lyckeby is a registered trademark owned by Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter, förening u.p.a. The CheeseApp 50, CheeseApp 70 and CheeseApp 80 product names are owned by Lyckeby Starch AB

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