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ENLITEN® 300000 stevia sweetener

Low-calorie sweetener from a natural source

Reduce sugar, not taste 

Healthy eating trends have continued to gain popularity in recent years, with many consumers turning to better-for-you products. As public awareness of the importance of health and diet increases, more and more consumers are looking to reduced-sugar and low-calorie alternatives. Despite this growing demand for low-sugar products, consumers still expect a full-sugar taste.

To help meet the requirement for great-tasting, low-sugar and calorie-reduced products, Ingredion offers ENLITEN® 300000 stevia sweetener. Extracted from a natural source, the Stevia rebaudiana bertoni plant, the sweetener uses the sweetest and least bitter part of the stevia plant. ENLITEN® 300000 sweeteners contain 95% Rebaudioside A.

Tomato ketchup


Ingredients in % Control Variant 1*
Water 44.90 49.69
Tomato concentrate 28% 30.00 30.00
NOVATION PRIMA® 300 2.00 2.20
Vinegar 10% 6.00 6.00
Sugar 15.00 10.00
Salt 2.00 2.00
Ketchup flavour 0.10 0.10
ENLITEN® 300000 - 0.01
Total 100

* Variant 1 = sugar replacement


  • Put all ingredients into the vessel
  • Heat to 95°C
  • Hold for 5 min
  • Fill into jars

A small bowl of red tomato sauce
Tomato ketchup

Deliver reduced-sugar products

ENLITEN® 300000 stevia sweetener can be used to deliver great tasting reduced calorie or sugar products, such as fruit preparations, dairy products, beverages, confectionery, sauces and ketchups.

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ENLITEN® 300000 stevia sweetener

  • Naturally-derived, low-calorie sweetener
  • Approximately 300 times sweeter than sucrose
  • Very stable under most temperature and pH condition
  •  Supports reduced-calorie and reduced sugar claims

Thanks to our extensive range of speciality starches and formulation expertise, Ingredion can help build back desirable mouthfeel attributes often lacking in reduced sugar products.

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