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ERYSTA® Erythritol sweetener

Replace sugar without compromising on sweetness and sensory experience

Create no added sugar and calorie-reduced products with ERYSTA® Erythritol sweetener 

Achieve energy reduction or no added sugar claims with ERYSTA® Erythritol sweetener.

Replace sugar in your formulations without losing the functional and textural properties that differentiate your products. With ERYSTA® Erythritol, you can create products with multiple nutrition-related claims, such as ‘no added sugar’ or ‘calorie-reduced’, without compromising on the sweetness and indulgent sensory experience that consumers love.

ERYSTA® Erythritol supports functional build back and sweetness, enabling you to reduce sugar in a range of applications, such as ice cream, desserts, fruit preparations, cookies and biscuits, without losing textural and functional properties.

Replace sugar, retain texture and functionality

Increasingly health-conscious shoppers are paying close attention to the sugar and calorie content of their favourite foods. In fact, 64% of consumers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa say that a ‘low in calories’ claim is important to them when buying food or drinks1 .

But consumers want it all – they’re looking for lower-sugar, lower-calorie alternatives that give them the indulgent experience of their favourite treats, without the guilt. That’s why when reducing and replacing sugar in your formulations, it’s essential that you don’t compromise on taste, texture or functionality. You need a sweetener solution that provides functional build back, delivering similar textural and functional properties, so that your products provide the same great eating experience that makes them stand out from the competition.

ERYSTA® Erythritol is a polyol sweetener produced by fermentation that delivers around 70% sweetness compared to sugar, while providing functional build back in a variety of applications. Plus, compared to other polyol alternatives, ERYSTA® Erythritol has zero calorie content according to EU Regulation, allowing you to make consumer-winning energy reduction claims.

Deliver reduced energy and no added sugar claims with delicious taste and texture

  • Made by fermentation 
  • Around 70% sweetness compared to sugar 
  • Provides functional build back, delivering functional and textural properties when replacing sugar in formulations 
  • Zero calorie content in Europe according to EU Regulation compared to 2.4 kcal/g for other polyol alternatives
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Reduce and replace sugar in recipes:

  • Table top sweeteners 
  • Ice cream 
  • Frozen desserts 
  • Fruit preparations 
  • Chocolate compounds 
  • Cookies and biscuits
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