HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours

Achieve superior functionality and eating quality

Introducing new HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours

Easy-to-digest, non-allergenic rice cereal is an ingredient recognised and preferred by consumers according to research*. This universally accepted ingredient milled into flour brings smooth, silky textures, opacity and homemade appeal to your applications. Additionally, it possesses the process tolerance and stability you expect from a functional starch.

HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours allow you to deliver clean label sauces with superior eating quality and superior stability over shelf-life, gluten-free sauces with the same opacity as wheat flour based sauces; or rich and creamy low in fat or low in dairy-protein soups with

Get everything you need from one amazing  line of flours

Delivering just-right texture and fresh appeal requires superior process tolerance and stability over shelf life. While modified starches can provide this kind of functionality, today there’s a clean label solution that offers fresh advantages: HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours.

Labels so desirable, they drive purchase intent

More consumers are checking labels to make sure the products they choose are made from expected and accepted ingredients. Rice flour, according to research in Europe, United States and Canada, is seen by consumers as superior in “natural” perceptions and also drives purchase intent with its healthy image.

Eating experiences so enjoyable, they differentiate your brand

Give your most discerning consumers what they want. Smoother, creamier, more indulgent textures, even in fat-free applications. Sauces that are gluten-free, but able to maintain opacity. Velvety soups, including lower-fat options, with no compromise in flavour. With HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours, you can give consumers differentiated sensory experiences and elevate your brand.

Functionality and cost savings

HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours offer the process tolerance and shelf life stability of modified starches. They also enable manufacturers to reduce or replace fats and dairy proteins.

Features HOMECRAFT® Create 835 HOMECRAFT® Create 865

Freeze/thaw stability

Short, silky texture

Moderate to high process tolerance

Low to moderate process tolerance

Stability at low pH

Opacity generation

Bland flavour

“Rice flour” on label

A bowl of white soup with a vegetable garnish and bread on the side

Perfect for a broad range of categories

Bring luscious textural appeal with HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours:

  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Ready meals
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New from the clean and simple innovators

With more than two decades of experience in clean label formulating and a passion for innovation, our experts can help you make the best ingredient choices for the functionality and label appeal you seek. With innovative ingredients, like HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours, and our 27 Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres around the world, we’re ready to help you create enticing sensory experiences with the expected and accepted ingredients consumers want today.

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*Ingredion ATLAS research, 2019

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