HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 faba bean flour

Satisfy demand for nutritious, delicious foods with pulse flours

Perform with plant-based, protein rich ingredients

Create exciting new food products that are highly nutritious, fortified with protein and naturally gluten-free with our new pulse flour. The vegan trend has quadrupled in the 10 years between 2009 and 2019, reflecting consumers growing interest in plant-based eating. Learn how you can satisfy demand for plant-based products with our new pulse flour.

Derived from faba bean, this pulse flour is also supportive of other on-trend consumer positioning claims such as gluten-free and clean label, helping to boost the consumer appeal of your products. Deliver improved structures and textures for a range of applications too, enhancing the sensory experience of your products.

With an increasingly health-conscious population demanding more nutritious, high-protein foods, European pulse-based flour sales have risen dramatically over the last six years. Ingredion’s new HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 faba bean flour can help you tap into this trend by creating protein-enriched, healthy foods.

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High protein, gluten-free

With a protein content of 28%, this flour contains twice as much protein compared to cereal grains. Naturally gluten-free and high in protein, Ingredion’s HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 faba bean flour can be used to produce a range of nutritious products including snacks, bread, cakes, cereals and pasta. This pulse-based ingredient replaces wheat flour while improving structures, colours and textures.

Formulate nutritional and delicious food with flours

Now you can formulate with flour across a broader range of applications. Featuring a naturally mild flavour, this pulse flour enables your products carefully crafted flavours to be retained. HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 faba bean flour works best in combination with Ingredion’s NOVATION® range, enabling manufacturers to achieve both nutritional requirements and a clean and simple ingredient list in a range of applications. Featuring excellent oil and water binding properties, this flour ingredient helps to deliver premium textures and high-quality eating experiences in a variety of applications, boosting consumer appeal.

Functional flours designed for on-trend applications

HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 faba bean flour can be used across a range of applications, including:

  •  Protein-enhanced healthy snacks
  •  Batters & breadings
  •  Gluten-free products
  •  Baked products
  •  Savoury sauces and prepared meals
  •  Extruded products such as pasta and ready-to-eat breakfast cereals


Deliver high performance products with pulses

  • Plant-based product derived from faba bean
  • Protein content of 28% on dry basis
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Delivers excellent oil and water binding properties in various applications
  • Naturally mild flavour profile
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