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Improving protein in plant-based dairy beverages

Case study: Adding vegan protein to plant-based dairy

How can makers of sports beverages enhance protein in their plant-based, vegan-friendly products? Read the case study below to see how Ingredion helped one of our sports beverage customers. If you’re facing your own nutrition, health and wellness-related challenge, contact our experts to discuss which of our solutions could enhance appeal and create value for your brand. 

Customer background

Customer has a brand of powdered milk protein beverages already well positioned in the Mexican market; however, they came to us to support in their strategy to launch a vegan blend, as many of the consumers are intolerant to lactose and associate milk proteins with digestibility issues.


Launch a vegan protein with a 1.0 PDCAAS profile while still delivering a great taste and competitive price.

Solutions and approach

The customer tried our VITESSENCE® Pulse 1853 pea protein isolate and quinoa flour to provide a unique source of amino acids alongside other complementary sources of protein.


Today the beverage is one of the best protein options in the Mexican market with a convenient price, robust nutritional profile and excellent flavour and creaminess.

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