Non-Alcoholic Mojito-Style Drink

No Added Sugar

Non-Alcoholic Mojito-Style Drink

Ingredion Ingredients Used: PureCircle Reb M

Fresh home made cosmopolitan cocktails with garnish
Fresh home made cosmopolitan cocktails with garnish


Ingredient Amount % as is
Water 97.742
Lime Juice Concentrate 2.14
Rum Flavour 0.04
Persian Lime Extract 0.03
PureCircle™ Reb M from Bioconversion 0.028
Mint Flavour 0.02


  1. Place a magnet in a large glass beaker, measure in 70% of the required water and put on a stirrer at 250-300rpm. In a separate jug, measure the additional water and put to one side.
  2. Weigh the stevia on to a small weighing boat and add to the water.
  3. Next, weigh the flavours in to individual weighing boats and add to the beaker one at a time, rinsing them with the additional water to ensure completely added.
  4. Weigh the lime juice concentrate in to a small beaker and, once the stevia has fully dissolved, add to the mix. Use the remaining water to ensure all the juice concentrate has been added.
  5. Leave to mix for 3-4 minutes then decant in to 250ml bottles. Pasteurise at 75°C for 20 minutes then refrigerate for extended shelf life.
  6. Shake over ice and decorate with fresh mint and a slice of lime

NB – replace some of the water with soda water for a sparkling alternative