Non-weighted beverage emulsion

Stabilising soft drinks

Non-weighted beverage emulsion

Ingredion Ingredients Used: PURITY GUM® ULTRA - 32236110

different sugar drinks are cooling in the ice



Ingredient Amount % as is
Water, demineralised 70.60
PURITY GUM® Ultra emulsifier 9.00
Vegetable oil (e.g. Miglyol 812, Sasol) 16.00
Orange oil (five-fold) 4.00
Citric acid 0.30
Sodium benzoate 0.10


  1. Weigh vegetable oil and orange oil into a beaker and mix.
  2. Weigh water into a beaker and dissolve first the sodium benzoate followed by the citric acid.
  3. While mixing the water phase with a spiral mixer at moderate speed, slowly add PURITY GUM® Ultra emulsifier and stir until completely dissolved. Once the mixture is smooth, stop mixing to avoid foam formation.
  4. Add the combined oil phase to the water phase under thorough agitation. Best results are obtained using a high-shear mixer to reduce the particle size range below 1μm.
  5. Homogenise pre-emulsion. Adjust pressure of the homogeniser and number of passes to achieve a mean diameter of approx. 0.3 to 0.4 μm.
  6. Fill emulsion into appropriate containers and store at temperature required for evaluation.

Note: Beverage emulsions are typically dosed at 1-2 g / litre to the final beverage. Therefore, the nutritional values of the final product depend on the composition of the final beverage where, for example, the use of regular sugar, reduced sugar or artificial sweeteners can make a big difference.

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