NOVATION ENDURA® 0100 starch

Exceptional process tolerance for challenging applications 

Get unprecedented process tolerance

With the highest process tolerance of any functional native starch on the market, NOVATION ENDURA® 0100 starch allows you to launch more products with a clean and simple label than ever before—all with the great taste, texture and visual appeal consumers expect. 

Ingredion introduces next-generation clean label process tolerance

Continuing to pioneer new clean label ingredients, Ingredion has launched the NOVATION ENDURA® series, advancing the ability of NOVATION® functional native starches to withstand harsh processing conditions.

The first of the series, NOVATION ENDURA® 0100 starch, allows you to achieve your product goals with a clean label starch.

  • Keep appealing product texture despite high heat and high shear in processing
  • Stay shelf stable throughout product life, including chilled and frozen storage
Pan of custard with a dripping whisk raised above it

Maintain taste, texture and visual appeal

While a clean label might be the reason for a first purchase, consumers will buy your products again and again because of the eating experience. The clean flavour profile of NOVATION ENDURA® 0100 starch won’t mask even delicate flavours as it adds structure and stability. The clean colour and flavour are well suited for sensitive applications such as custards and white sauces.

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Custard (viscosity comparison)

65° C homogenisation temperature

NOVATION® ENDURA 0100 functional native starch matches MFS viscosity
NOVATION® ENDURA 0100 functional native starch matches MFS viscosity
Two bowls of tomato soup with spoons

See what's possible

NOVATION ENDURA® 0100 starch, coupled with Ingredion’s clean label insights and application, formulation, sensory and culinary expertise, helps you expand your offerings in challenging categories:

  • Custards
  • Puddings
  • Dairy desserts
  • Dressings
  • Ready meals
  • Sauces
  • UHT soups and gravies in aseptic packages
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