NOVATION® Indulge 2920 functional native starch 

Formulate healthier products without compromising mouthfeel

Replace fat, retain your clean label

Answering your need for a cost-effective clean label fat replacer, NOVATION® Indulge 2920 functional native starch can deliver indulgent textures and an exceptional eating experience while boosting the nutritional profile of your products.

Helping you meet consumer demand for clean and simple labels while offering the functionality of a modified starch co-texturiser, NOVATION® Indulge 2920 starch is the next-level fat mimetic you need to deliver indulgent and memorable eating experiences.

Healthy products with luxurious textures

NOVATION® Indulge 2920 is a corn-based functional native starch designed to help you achieve the balance between offering healthy products to your consumers and building the indulgent textures, thickening properties and creamy mouthfeel they will love and re-purchase. It can also enable cost savings by replacing ingredients such as fat and oil without compromising quality.

Satisfy consumers and health trends

NOVATION® Indulge 2920 functional native starch can deliver superior eating quality without the use of ingredients consumers see as undesirable. Contributing further to your products’ consumer appeal, it can also support a clean label. In combination with a corn-based viscosifier, both ingredients can be listed as ‘starch’ (or cornflour in the UK) removing the need to add an extra ingredient to your labels.

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The functionality you need in a co-texturiser

With the functionality of a modified co-texturising starch, NOVATION® Indulge 2920:

  • Can be used in low-shear instant applications
  • Is agglomerated, making it easier to disperse. This also means it does not create the dust volumes usually produced with the use of fine powders in manufacturing processes
  • Can support you in removing allergens, being naturally gluten-free

NOVATION® Indulge 2920 can aid your products in multiple ways:

  • Enabling clean label positioning and simplifying of label
  • Increasing cost savings through fat reduction, as well as nutritional benefits
  • Offering differentiation by allowing a creamy mouthfeel and long texture
  • Performing well across a broad range of processes, from low-shear to cold process
Tagliatelle pasta with a tomato sauce in a bowl

A versatile fat mimetic

NOVATION® Indulge 2920 can be used across a range of categories:

  • Soups (ready-to-eat, liquid concentrates or dry mixes)
  • Sauces, including cooking creams, and dressings
  • Sauce in ready meals
  • Yoghurt
  • Dairy desserts, such as custard and low-shear instant applications
  • Dairy drinks such as flavoured milk drinks
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