Potex and Potex Crown Potato Fibres

Formulate the texture that consumers love with Potex Potato Fibres

Create standout products with consumer appeal

Consumers are more interested than ever in the sensory qualities of the foods they eat, but are equally seeking enhanced health and nutritional benefits at an affordable price. Potex and Potex Crown allow you to create foods which meet these consumer expectations. Formulate the perfect texture while improving quality and yield, reducing waste or replacing traditional ingredients in processed meat products. For bakery applications, keep your products fresher for longer with these versatile potato fibres.

Achieve the perfect product texture

Potex and Potex Crown are multi-functional and naturally derived potato-based ingredients that can help you optimise texture and create products with sensory appeal throughout their shelf-life. They can be used to increase yield and reduce waste or replace traditional ingredients which are becoming increasingly scrutinised by consumers and can be subject to fluctuating pricing and uncertain supply.

From potato to winning product

Potex and Potex Crown are fibres produced from the cell walls of potatoes via a proprietary process. Around 100 kilogrammes of potatoes are used to produce one kilogramme of POTEX. Both products can be declared simply as ‘potato fibre’ and can support gluten-free positioning.

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Excellent water binding for sensory appeal and increased yield

Potex has a unique capability for absorbing high volumes of water. This potato fibre product functions much like a sponge and can retain quantities of water up to twelve times its own weight. It also endures mechanical wear particularly well. The more it is processed, undergoing processes such as pasteurisation and homogenisation, the higher its water-retaining capacity.

Both ingredients can also help manufacturers to increase yield by reducing stickiness during production, a problem which commonly results in downtime and wastage.

High performance under robust processing conditions

Potex demonstrates high resistance to low pH, remains stable at both high and low temperatures and can withstand all types of processing stages, from shearing to freezing and thawing. It also shows high endurance in the end product when it comes to freezing and heating and has been shown to retain water volume under these varying conditions.

Make improvements in meats, bakery and other categories

Potex is utilised widely in meat products, such as sausages and hamburgers, to improve yield, reduce waste, create reduced-fat products or to deliver enhanced sensory appeal and juicy textures throughout product shelf-life.

In addition, it is used to enhance bakery items, keeping products fresher and prolonging shelf life in bread, cookies and pastries. Potex can also be used across a range of other categories, including dairy, fruit preparation and savoury.


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This product is only available in the UK, Africa, Turkey and the Middle East.

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