PRECISA® 680 starch

Revolutionise your cheesemaking

Reduce costs and improve yield without compromising texture or whey stream 

You want to produce high quality products, but you need to control costs to stay profitable. Today, there’s PRECISA® 680 starch, the breakthrough solution that is added at the onset of the traditional cheesemaking process, remaining in the cheese curd and preserving your valuable whey stream. New PRECISA® 680 starch helps you optimise milk solids and improve yield—all while maintaining the desired texture properties in your applications. Increase sales and profits with the latest innovation from Ingredion Idea Labs™ science-based problem solving.

Create smooth, rich cheese products—for less

While you’ve been looking for ways to make high quality products for less, our experts have been developing money-saving starch solutions that fit right into your traditional cheesemaking or straining process. Discover how new PRECISA® 680 starch can help you deliver the delicious cheese products —both fresh and aged—and Greek-style yoghurt your consumers want.

Save on ingredient costs in soft, hard and pizza cheese products

  • Achieve starch retention of 90% or more; starch does not compromise the whey stream
  • Increase yield by 10%
  • Easy to incorporate into the traditional cheesemaking process with no capital investment required
  • No chemicals or whey sheen

Improve yield and texture in fresh cheese products and Greek-style yoghurt

  • Increase yield by up to 10% with PRECISA® 680 starch
  • Get up to 90% retention of PRECISA® 680 starch in your products
  • Develop Greek-style yoghurt, fresh cheese products (e.g., quark) and creamcheese-type products with richer mouthfeel—increasing your competitive advantage
  • No process change or capital investment needed


Offer an eating experience like that of cheese made with 100% milk

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