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VERSASWEET 1724 low sugar glucose syrup

Improve sensory experience, reduce sugar content

Low sugar glucose syrup for an indulgent eating experience without compromise

Reduce the amount of sugar on product labels with VERSASWEET 1724 low-sugar glucose syrup, and give consumers the tastes they love in a range of applications from ice creams and yoghurts, to sweet baked goods and fillings.

VERSASWEET 1724 is a clear, sweet-tasting corn-based glucose syrup with lower monosaccharide and disaccharide content, which allows food and beverage manufacturers to reduce sugar content without compromising on texture, while delivering an improved sensory experience over the shelf-life of the final product.

Deliver consumer-preferred texture and sensory experience over shelf-life

Consumers are looking for indulgent eating experiences that satisfy their sweet tooth while cutting down on sugar. VERSASWEET 1724 low sugar glucose syrup delivers product stability, reduces stickiness and sugar recrystallisation of the final product, while supporting partial sugar reduction.


  • 28DE glucose syrup
  • Around 30% as sweet as sucrose and around 70% as sweet as 42DE glucose syrup


  • Shelf-life stability for low moisture products like powder creamers and baked goods
  • Reduced sugar crystallisation
  • Reduced amount of sugars listed on a final product’s nutritional information
  • Clean label
  • Less stickiness in products versus regular glucose syrup
  • Non-GM
  • Similar functionality and processability to regular glucose syrup
Slices of Swiss roll made with Erysta

Key categories

VERSASWEET™ 1724 low sugar glucose syrup can be used in a range of bakery, beverage, dairy and savoury categories.

  • Bakery: fillings, sweet baked goods, coatings, cereal bars
  • Beverage: soft drinks, beverage concentrates
  • Dairy: ice cream, fruit preparations, yoghurt, powdered dairy-based products
  • Savoury: sauces and dressings
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