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VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803 pea protein

Leverage pea protein power across a variety of applications

Add plant-based protein appeal to your products

The demand for plant-based protein-rich products is a major trend that has emerged and influenced the purchasing decisions of consumers in recent years. This represents numerous opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to add this valued ingredient to their products and enhance their nutritional value, appealing to health-conscious consumers, as well as those with specific dietary requirements.

Protein claims can also be twinned with label declarations such as ‘gluten-free’, ‘plant-based’ and ‘non-soybased’ to widen product appeal even further. Discover what Ingredion’s pulse protein can do for your portfolio.

Satisfy consumer demands with the power of pulses

Pulses have resonated among consumers in recent years and their appeal is showing no signs of slowing. Ingredion research indicates that two-thirds of consumers are aware of pulses being used as an ingredient such as flour or protein. They also associate multiple benefits with pulses, with 58% believing pulses to be healthy and 37% believing they deliver on satiety, offering a ‘fuller for longer’ feeling.1

Plant-based proteins can also help manufacturers to tap into the meat and dairy alternatives markets. Data indicates that these are growing significantly. For example, in Europe, 19% of Spanish, 15% of Italian and 13% of French consumers are drinking dairy-free (or plant-based) milk for health reasons.2

Leverage protein appeal in your products

VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803 pea protein enables manufacturers to create high-protein products across a range of multiple applications. Supporting manufacturers in making ‘source-of-protein’ or ‘high-protein’ claims, this ingredient can add appeal to food and beverage labels. These claims can also appear alongside others such as ‘gluten-free’, ‘plant-based’ and ‘non-soy’ protein sources, to resonate across an even wider range of consumers with lifestyle and dietary preferences.

The functionality you need in a pulse protein

VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803 pea protein can deliver a range of functional benefits, including:

  • Pulse-based labelling, originating from yellow pea
  • Protein content: 80% minimum dry basis
  • Non-soy plant-based protein
  • High functionality like solubility, emulsification and water-binding properties in food and beverage applications
  • Low flavour profile in raw and green pea notes.
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A versatile pea protein

VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803 pea protein can be used across a range of applications, including:

  • Meat alternatives 
  • Dairy alternatives 
  • Protein-enhanced healthy snacks 
  • Sports nutrition products 
  • Gluten-free products 
  • Baked products
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1. Dragon Rouge consumer research 2017, commissioned by Ingredion among 812 European consumers

2. Mintel GNPD, Lightspeed/Mintel, 2018.

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