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It's simple: Today’s consumers want more sweetness, less sugar. But choosing the sweetening solution that yields the most appealing taste, texture and label for your application can be complex.

With Ingredion, you've got a partner with the knowhow and broad options in sweeteners and functional build-back (FBB) ingredients to help you lower sugar and calories in your applications — without sacrificing taste or texture. Take advantage of our proprietary SWEETABULARY® approach for creating perfectly sweetened products, and full range of sweetener solutions including FBB ingredients for imparting texture and functionality, non-GMO specialty sweeteners including stevia leaf products, and core sweetener ingredients.

Bringing sweetness and functionality together

In addition to replacing the sweetness in sugar-reduced products, you'll also need to replace sugar's unique texture and functionality. To help achieve perfect browning in baked goods, easy scoopability in low-sugar ice cream, and just-right chew in nutrition bars, our sweetener toolkit includes the full range of FBB ingredients for your specific application goals, plus the high potency sweeteners that provide desired sweetness. Count on us for:

To learn more about the role of FBB ingredients in your sugar reduction strategies, view our recorded sugar reduction webinar and visit our sugar reduction and specialty sweeteners page.

Fully nutritive traditional sweeteners

Corn syrups and dextrose sweeteners are a key part of the toolkit for many applications. With Ingredion's lineup of these traditional sweeteners, you can cover your entire range of application needs — with the confidence of knowing your ingredient solutions are produced to meet and exceed the highest international quality standards. Contact us for details and expert recommendations.

Non-GMO specialty sweeteners: Stevia, low-sugar syrups and more

Demand for non-GMO food and beverages keeps rising — and from innovative plant-based high potency sweeteners, to low-sugar glucose syrups, maltodextrin, dextrose and polyols, Ingredion has a Non-GMO Project Verified sweetener for every application.

Among your many choices are leaf-based stevia sweeteners from PureCircle™ by Ingredion, which are sustainably grown, minimally processed and traceable back to the farming communities. Learn more about our lineup of non-GMO specialty sweeteners.


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