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NOVATION® Indulge starches

Clean up your labels and win your market

Go clean label without compromising on texture or profitability

Differentiate Greek-style yoghurt with an indulgent, thick and creamy texture, while enhancing profit margins by replacing protein. Improve the mouthfeel and creaminess of dairy desserts and create a simple ingredient list that consumers trust. Discover how NOVATION® Indulge starches can help you formulate high-quality, cost-effective clean label products with the eating experience your consumers love.

NOVATION® Indulge starches are a range of co-texturisers to replace fat, protein and other ingredients in foods to mimic and improve the texture and mouthfeel in foods, offering increased indulgence, improved quality and cost savings.

Clean label and E-number free, NOVATION® Indulge functional native starches are easy to use co-texturisers providing superior stability and have a high process tolerance. They are effective at low usage levels and have a clean taste profile.​

Two bowls of tomato soup with spoons

Replace fat, retain your clean label

Helping you meet consumer demand for clean and simple labels while offering the functionality of a modified starch co-texturiser, NOVATION® Indulge 2920 starch is the next-level fat mimetic you need to deliver indulgent and memorable eating experiences.

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Merge clean label with quality and convenience

NOVATION® Indulge 3620 start is a clean label co-texturiser that can help you stay on trend while building luxurious, creamy textures and mouthfeel. Boost the appeal of 3-in-1 coffee powders, soups, sauces, gravies and dessert mixes while replacing fat, sugar and other ingredients. 

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