Start The New Year Right: Cater To Health Conscious, Consumer Trends In 2022

January 21, 2022

Deliver trending products ahead of the curve to meet health-conscious consumer demands in 2022.

2021 has come to an end, consumers look to the new year with a sense of optimism, determined to make this coming year better than the last. One way for them to achieve this goal is for them to consume food and beverages that’s beneficial to their health. January is a chance to start 2022 the way you mean to go on. Over the years consumers have looked to step into each new year with the right note by participating in growing health trends such as Veganuary, Dry January, eating more plant-based foods or foods with a high nutritional value, Ingredion can assist you with staying ahead of this curve by formulating new products that meet the health-conscious consumers’ demand.

Dry January - formulating for no-added sugar, non-alcohol beverages

It’s common for many consumers in the UK and Europe to over-indulge in alcohol during the festive season, hence why Dry January is an opportunity to detox for the first month of the new year to be the healthiest version of themselves. However, for those who are strong minded and choose to join the health kick it doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on the experiences and enjoyment of socially drinking their favourite cocktails.

 Our experts at PureCircle by Ingredion have developed an exciting range of non-alcoholic , no-added sugar cocktails that taste just as good as the original recipe! Meaning your customers who are cutting back on sugar and alcohol don’t have to compromise on taste when purchasing healthier beverages.

Veganuary - meeting the demand for plant-based alternatives

Each year consumers may choose to participate in the Veganuary challenge where their diet consists of only plant-based foods and drinks for the entirety of January. As seen in the previous years, the plant-based trend is being driven by the ever-increasing number of Flexitarians. Now 60% of Gen Z increasingly add plant-based products to their grocery shop because they are both concerned for the environment and their health[1]. However, consumers expect plant-based products to taste as good as their animal-based counterparts. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on how consumers buy food. For example, just under 50% of consumers in the UK are now restricting the amount of animal-products that they eat[2]. Seeing “vegan” claims on the label would satisfy the consumer’s desire to be healthier and environmentally friendly.

Our food experts, your plant-based innovation catalyst, developing a range of ingredients such as VITESSENCE®TEX Chunk 101 Textured pea protein which makes great-tasting, vegan nuggets which are just as succulent and textured as chicken nuggets. The ‘chunk’ shape of this textured pea protein makes it very versatile for different shapes and processes, such as grinding and shredding. Which is ideal for applications such as burgers, meatballs, sausages, nuggets and ready meals. Enabling you to make a wide variety of plant-based, consumer desired products.

Gym-January - power of pea protein

Another way consumers choose to look after their health is by being more physically active. At the start of a new year many join gyms and partake in exercise to feel-good not just physically but also mentally.  Consumers need a suitable diet to support this lifestyle change. In 2020 Europe accounted for more than 60% of sports nutrition products launched globally[3].

At Ingredion we’ve developed a sophisticated range of highly nutritious, high-in-protein beverages with no-added sugar. Our carefully crafted recipes use great tasting stevia ingredients to replace sugar whilst maintaining functional buildback, mouthfeel, and flavour.

Our experts can help you create front of pack claims with clean label ingredients that consumers are looking for.

With our unmatched ingredients portfolio we can co-create consumer-preferred products that are tailored to your needs. Please get in contact with our ingredients experts today to make your goals a reality in 2022!


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