N-CREAMER® 2230 starch

Reduce costs while maintaining product quality

Deliver a quality texture in a range of applications

N-CREAMER® 2230 starch is a highly cost effective, all-in one emulsifier and viscosifier designed to help food manufacturers save on recipe costs while maintaining the quality and deliciousness of end products. With N-CREAMER® 2230 starch, manufacturers can save up to 15% on recipe costs by replacing ingredients, such as egg or other emulsifying systems. This ingredient also provides excellent texture stability over shelf-life. 

Improved texture and functional performance

N-CREAMER® 2230 starch is simple to use across a broad range of processes because of its easy and fast dispersion in water. It is ideal for use in a range of applications such as mayonnaise, dressings and cooking creams due to the ‘high fat’ mouthfeel it provides in ‘low fat’ formulations. N-CREAMER® 2230 starch can also be used to improve functional performance in analogue and processed meat as it is a cost effective and direct replacement for caseinate.

N-CREAMER® 2230 starch can be used in applications such as:

  • Mayonnaise, dressings, potato salad: Save up to 15% on recipe costs while developing high quality, low fat products with superior shelf-life stability. Do all of this without compromising on the overall sensory experience.
  • Cooking cream: This ingredient provides good emulsification, high viscosity, improved mouthfeel and cooking stability.
  • Meat analogues and processed meats: Replace sodium caseinate or soy protein isolate to achieve cost savings while improving the processing and emulsification.
  • Sponge cake: Improve the freshness perception of sponge cake by creating a lighter texture, without compromising on product quality or deliciousness.

Provides excellent emulsion and texture stability over shelf-life versus egg in mayonnaise

With N-CREAMER® 2230 starch, manufacturers can benefit from improved texture and sensory experience without compromising processability and product appearance.

Protein texture changes during shelf-life
Emulsifying starch texture stability
Loaded hotdog with chips and garnishes on the side

Features and benefits


  • Viscosity and emulsification in one
  • Broad range of process tolerance
  • Easily dissolvable


  • Recipe cost savings 
  • Improved texture stability over shelf-life
  • No negative impact on performance eg. processability
  • Suitable for hot and cold processes

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