NOVATION® Uno 190 starch

Increase yield and improve performance
with the advantage of a clean label

Create delicious products consumers want

Consumer demand for clean label meat products continues to grow. According to our latest research meat is second only to baby food as far as consumer clean label preferences are concerned. The 205% increase in clean label meat products launched between 2009 and 20191 confirms that this is a trend which is growing in importance in the meat sector.

Alongside clean labels, functionality and affordability are key considerations for meat manufacturers and the latest addition to Ingredion’s clean label portfolio, NOVATION® Uno 190 starch, delivers on all three.

Delivering the right functionality at a lower cost

NOVATION® Uno 190 starch enables manufacturers to create succulent, tasty meat products cost effectively. This product has been created to bridge the gap between low cost native starches and top-end, highly functional clean label solutions (such as Ingredion’s N-HANCE® 59 starch) designed to deal with higher temperature profiles and more challenging processes. A more cost-effective solution versus highly functional starches, NOVATION® Uno 190 works particularly well at lower meat core temperatures, making it well-suited to applications processed at a lower heat such as cooked ham, chicken nuggets and sausages.

Increasing yield, enhancing texture

As well as offering the right level of functionality NOVATION® Uno 190 starch allows manufacturers to increase yield due to better water-binding and less syneresis and also reduces waste through better slice-ability.

NOVATION® Uno 190 starch can replace modified starches and phosphates to lock in moisture in tumbled and injected marinated poultry products. The starches bind and control water for tenderness and texture, preventing purge and retaining yield. As a result, you can produce succulent chicken products.

Depending on the application or product being replaced, cooking yield can increase by up to 20%. In addition to this, NOVATION® Uno 190 starch can improve sliceability which can enable cost savings while maintaining a meaty texture. The result is delicious products the consumer wants to buy.


  • High water binding capacity
  • Easy to cook at low temperatures
  • Fully functional at low meat core temperatures
  • Provides elasticity


  • Clean up labels with simple ingredients consumers expect
  • Cost savings through yield improvements
  • Improved eating quality and meaty texture
  • Creates firm texture and improves succulence
  • Less waste due to improved processability
  • Improved shelf-life stability
  • Reduce moisture loss in vacuum packed products
Slices of ham on a chopping board with a knife

Innovate with affordability

NOVATION® Uno 190 starch is well-suited to a range of categories including:

  • Pork hams
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Brined meat for ready meals
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Brined chicken trials
Brined chicken trials

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