ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch

Cost-effective instant starch with high shear resistance

Cut recipe costs without compromising on sensory experience

ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch is an instant starch which has high process stability. Suitable for use in low pH, ULTRA-TEX® 2131 is a versatile product that performs in many processes and offers a cost effective solution for high shear systems. Its ability to perform in high shear processes leads to the improvement of emulsion quality. 

Enhanced texture and visual appeal

Enabling low cost formulations with excellent mouthfeel in comparison to other instant starches, ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch can help manufacturers cut recipe costs. It also improves the visual appeal and overall sensory quality in a range of products such as baking fillings where it can provide good baking stability. Contributing further towards the sensory experience, ULTRA-TEX® 2131 creates premium short glossy texture whilst enhancing mouthfeel when replacing oil in products. In processed meats, ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch brings cold viscosity which improves the handling and processing.

Offering a cost effective solution for high shear systems

ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch is a highly shear resistant instant starch, suitable also for low pH which creates a premium texture. Download technical documents or order a sample.

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Brookfield viscosity of 35% oil salad dressing - FrymaKoruma

The high process tolerance of ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch allows for the creation of salad dressing products with high viscosity under a wide range of shear conditions.

One part of ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch enables the reduction of at least 10 parts of oil in the formulation of emulsified sauces. This helps manufacturers achieve targeted viscosity whilst delivering a high degree of sensory appeal to the product, and further enables formulation cost savings.

Suitable to use even in “cold process” with typical dosage in products of 0.3-5%, ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch is an ideal solution to use in high shear processes to get viscosity while providing mouthfeel and glossiness to your products. 

Bar graph showing shear of Ultra-Tex 2131 starch
Drum dried starch vs ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch
Drum dried starch vs ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch
Steak, fries and asparagus on a chopping board with a green sauce

Enable low cost formulations with excellent mouth feel

ULTRA-TEX® 2131 starch is ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • Salad dressing
  • Bakery solutions
  • Meat applications
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