Enjoy good food at Easter ad Eid celebrations!

Spring is a season that has many reasons to celebrate with holidays like Easter and Eid taking place within these months this year. And with celebrations like this, families come together with only one thing on their mind: good food! 

Whether you need formulations to satisfy the consumer’s sweet tooth or need products for meals that bring family and friends together, our food experts have got specialist knowledge to make your ideas a reality this season.

Eid Mubarak- eat sweet treats, with less sugar

After the month of Ramadan, Muslims come together with their families and friends to celebrate Eid. Whilst there is no longer a restriction on what time of the day food can be eaten, many followers want to enjoy their favourite treats whilst still restricting their sugar intake. Having healthy diets and reducing sugar intake is a popular trend in this region. Our food experts have what you need to bring your sugar-reduced vision to life. Our STABLESWEET™ LD glucose syrup can enable sugar reduction in confectionery that improves the flavour profile without any off tastes. In fact, STABLESWEET has a clean pleasant taste and can even improve the colour and shininess.

Sharing is caring- healthy crackers, the perfect snack 

When families and friends come together having great snacks is just as important as having a good meal. In a post-pandemic world, consumers are more health-conscious than ever but still want to be able to eat snacks when desired. Our VITESSENCE Prista range is sourced from pea and faba bean protein and can be used to create great-tasting healthy snacks such as our quinoa chips. This is a handy little thing to munch on by itself or paired with a nice dip. The best part is it’s clean label, no additives and Nutri-score A so instinctively consumers perceive claims such as these to be more healthy and as a result, are more inclined to buy.

Cracking Easter treats

With our formulation expertise, you can innovate other delicious treats using polyol sweeteners. Polyols help balance sweetness and can help you achieve consumer-preferred label claims, such as “sugar-free”, “reduced-sugar” or “reduced calorie”  For example, ERYSTA® Erythritol can be used to reduce and replace sugar in recipes across a variety of applications such as ice cream, frozen desserts, and last but not least chocolate compounds that can be used for chocolate eggs, so you can enjoy your Easter treats without as much sugar!


Montana White

Content marketing intern, EMEA English & film student at Manchester Metropolitan University