Fall In Love With Formulating Valentine's Treats

February 14th has become a day of true indulgence, eating plenty of delicious treats! But trends this year are looking to shake up the industry with consumers expecting healthy alternatives to their everyday treats.

A couple of trends that are predicted to dominate the food market in 2023 are the demand for healthy food and consciously indulgent treats1, which consumers will want to come back to again and again. Our experts are one step ahead of the curve to make innovative products that consumers will fall in love with.

Tipple for 2: No-added sugar mocktails 

We have the most extensive range of plant-based stevia sweeteners that you can use to create alcohol free, no-added sugar cosmopolitan and mojito cocktails. Our stevia sweeteners and flavour modifiers to deliver clean tasting, sugar-like sweetness but without the calories! This way consumers can enjoy their favourite non-alcoholic beverages that taste just as good as the original recipe, whilst satisfying their desire to have a healthier lifestyle.

Sweetheart, sweet tooth, no guilt

Consumers are more health-conscious than ever with many wanting to seek out “…ingredients that offer a health boost beyond basic nutrition”2. So, if your customers have a sweetheart with a sweet tooth, we can collaborate to create products that satisfy those cravings but with reduced sugar. 

The challenge with food manufacturers, is that health-conscious consumers make initial purchases based on the front-of-pack health claims. However, taste and indulgence remain as key factors for re-purchases.

Janin Zippel

Bakery Strategic marketing manager, EMEA

Simple ingredients, clean label

The fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach; that journey is accelerated with food that has a Clean front-of-pack claim. Consumers are more inclined to purchase food and beverage items that have a clean label as it meets their desire to be healthy. Operators attribute many positive consumer benefits to Clean Label with 66% of them thinking it’s important for consumers to have healthier options, as this is such a dominant trend3.

Combining both the consumer’s want of indulgence and their need to eat clean, our NOVATION® Lumina 300 can be used to create Clean Label post-bake strawberry filling suitable for bakery items and pasteurised puddings and desserts.

Highest quality sweetness, with fewer calories 

We have the most expansive range of stevia sweeteners that can be used for a variety of applications in both food and beverages. For example, our food experts have developed sugar-free hard-boiled candies using PureCircleTM NSF-04 Natural Flavour which is a flavour with modifying properties that round the flavour profile and reduce the aftertaste of non-caloric sweeteners. It improves citrus, fruity and berry flavours.

With our formulation expertise, you can innovate other delicious treats using polyol sweeteners. Polyols help balance sweetness and can help you achieve consumer-preferred label claims, such as “sugar-free”, “reduced-sugar” or “reduced calorie” so you can spread love instead of sugar this Valentine’s. For example, our ERYSTA® Erythritol range can be used to reduce and replace sugar in recipes across a variety of applications such as ice cream, frozen desserts and biscuits to name a few.

So if creating treats that have less sugar and all the taste sounds like a match made in heaven, get in touch with our food experts today!



[3] Global insights 2020


Montana White

Content Marketing Intern, English & Film Student at Manchester Metropolitan University