Plant-based meat & fish alternatives

Deliver nutritious meat alternatives with the taste and textures consumers demand.

Consumers are hungry for meat alternatives made from sustainable, nutritious plant-based proteins. Combining deep know-how and applications expertise — and a broad portfolio of plant-based proteins and texture solutions — we can help you accelerate your path to market with the products your customers crave.

Tap into our full resources, including dedicated pilot plants, to take your idea from formulation to commercialisation while addressing your key challenges in texture, binding, nutrition and more:

  • Create convincing meaty texture with just-right bite through our food system solutions
  • Improve nutrition with plant-based proteinsfibre and micronutrients
  • Ensure highest quality, processing ease and shelf life

Create innovative meat and meat alternatives products consumers want

Whatever your goals, find the expertise and ingredients you need to deliver great-tasting, on-trend meat and meat alternative products while optimising costs.

Alternative meat

Challenges: Developing plant-based alternative meat products with excellent texture and eating experience.

Ingredient solutions:

  • Address consumer demand for plant-based protein sources
  • Discover a wide range of highly functional specialty and native starches as well as our pulse protein and flour ingredients
  • Develop alternative meat products with desired taste, texture and nutritional profile.

Plant-based seafood

Challenges: Developing plant-based seafood eating experiences that are at the forefront of the evolving plant-based market

Ingredient solutions:

  • Create a plant-based seafood patty that provides the texture & tenderness of a traditional seafood patty.
  • Create prawns, calamari, fishcake, and seafood patties with our all-in-one stabiliser systems.

Emulsified meat alternatives

Challenges: As with meat itself, meat alternatives need to achieve the perfect balance of emulsion stability, texture, yield improvement and taste in emulsified meat alternatives.

Ingredient solutions:

  • Learn how using starches will improve the firmness and chew without interfering with flavour
  • Develop products with increased shelf life
  • Improve overall texture, cutability and spreadability by reducing moisture loss and improving texture consistency
  • Achieve a firmer bite for better sensory characteristics and appearance.

Ground and formed plant-based nuggets and patties

Challenges: Achieving optimal moisture and fat binding while maintaining shape and structure of the product.

Ingredient solutions:

  • Discover a wide range of starches that bind the moisture and fat in your products to provide structure and texture that consumers want
  • Reduce fat and improve the nutritional profile of products without compromising on appearance and taste
  • Improve the processability and machinability of your products.

VITESSENCE® TEX textured pea protein

VITESSENCE® TEX textured pea and faba bean proteins are designed to help you build the right texture, nutritional profile and front-of-pack claims in meat alternatives and plant-based ready meals.

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Plant-based all-purpose meat Plant-based emulsified meat Plant-based seafood

Formats: Minced meat, burger patties, dumpling filling and meatballs

Formats: Sausage, luncheon meat and ham

Formats: Shrimp, calamari, fishcake and seafood patties

SIMPLISTICA® stabiliser systems and VITESSENCE® ​Tex Textured Protein mince and chunks textured protein provide versatility to Plant-Based All-Purpose Meat applications and allow variation in textures, supporting the creation of a range of consumer-friendly formats.


They are also good sources of protein; ‘pea protein’ labelling is possible.​

SIMPLISTICA® stabiliser systems support the creation of various textures and provide product stability during and post-processing, delivering ideal textures and allowing clients to bring their products to market with speed.

Our all-in-one SIMPLISTICA® stabiliser systems are designed to mimic the texture of real seafood, with ideal shapes and structures that support an enjoyable plant-based eating experience.

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Meat Alternative Webinars

Tune into our webinar how Ingredion can help you create inspiring products in meat alternatives and explore the latest market opportunities for your business.

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The power of flexitarians: how plant-based solutions address affordability, sustainability, and nutrition

Plant-based meat & fish alternatives

Looking to coat your plant-based nuggets and seafood?

We have the perfect ingredients for your coating systems to provide the right texture & extra crunch to lift your coated plant-based product to the next level.

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Award winning plant-based proteins

We bring our extensive portfolio of sustainable plant-protein solutions and formulation expertise to help customers bring products with consumer-preferred taste, texture and nutrition to market.

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