NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches

Light colours. Preferred flavours. On-trend labels.

High-performance, natural* texturisers

Meet consumer demand for clean labels while delivering optimal flavour, colour, texture and performance with NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches.

More consumers are shopping for clean and simple labels. Globally, 80% of consumers want to recognise the ingredients in the products they buy.1 Now you can formulate for the ‘natural’ and clean labels consumers want today while maintaining your products’ light colours, nuanced flavours, luxurious textures and expected performance.

Labelled simply as ‘starch’ or ‘corn starch’, NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches offer all the functionality of modified starches and enable ‘natural’ claims. These solutions also offer excellent flavour release and neutral colour, allowing your products’ qualities to shine through.


Create appealing, flavourful and consumer-winning products

Recognising and trusting ingredients is important to modern consumers. ‘Natural’ and ‘all natural’ claims have been found to be the most influential on their purchasing decisions.1

With NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches, you can formulate for clean labels and consumer-winning claims, even in your most sensitive applications. These high-performance starches can help you create creamy, smooth textures that last without impacting your applications’ light colours or delicate flavours. They can also support ‘natural’ and gluten-free claims, adding even more appeal to your yoghurts, dairy desserts, beverages, sauces, dressings, soups and more.

Jars of white and red fruit parfait with silver spoons

The performance of modified starches

Get the functionality you need to maintain or improve your clean label products’ performance. NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches can help you create creamy, smooth textures, delivering similar viscosity and gel strength to modified starches. These texturisers also provide excellent freeze/thaw and shelf life stability, have high process tolerance and are ideal for sauces, alternative dairy and other products that undergo challenging processing conditions.

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Designed for delicate applications

NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches offer outstanding flavour release and neutral colour, making them ideal texturisers for white or light-coloured applications with more subtle flavours. 

Celeriac veloute with a vegetable garnish and bread

Texturisers with natural* label appeal

Create products that meet more consumers’ dietary requirements and lifestyle preferences with NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches. These texturisers meet the technical specifications for natural ingredients from the International Organization for Standardisation and can support ‘natural’ claims and labels. They are also non-GM and naturally* gluten-free.

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1. Ingredion proprietary research, Global Clean Label Consumer Study, 2017

* Manufacturers should consult regulations specific to all target markets. Of the countries that have provisions in place to regulate the term ‘natural’ to date, these products meet criteria of a natural food ingredient in the UK, France, Ireland, and associated EU legislation, and the global ISO Technical Specification (ISO/TS 19657).

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